Craft Beer and Wine Festival – Winter 2014

About the Craft Beer and Wine Festival

The La Mesa Craft Beer and Wine Winter Festival is an event that recognizes and celebrates local craft beer, wine, and food while using a percentage of proceeds to give back to another local organization. The event involves various local breweries, wineries and food establishments that are recognized favorites amoung their area’s locals. Live music by local musicians are also part of the festival.

Admission includes entrance to the event with access to the various local vendors (beer, wine, food) and music. Each ticket grants the person eight 3-4 oz. beer or wine tasters and a cup to taste them with. Admission also include entrance to a raffle. VIPs will have access one hour earlier (1:00pm) than the general admission entry (2:00pm).

There will be an opportunity for you to purchase t-shirts and other La Mesa gear, as well as food and additional sampler tickets.